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Democrats Will Allow Companies To Hide Ties To Uyghur Forced Labor



The Chinese Communist Party is well-known throughout history as one of the most repressive regimes in the world. They are the sworn enemy of freedom, godless atheists who prosecute people for having their own beliefs. Whether you are a buddhist, or practitioners of the spiritual movement called Falun Gong, you cannot escape the atrocities of the tyrant communists.

One of the recent favorite victims of the CCP are the Uyghur minorities who are being systematically controlled and forced into labor camps to unwillingly serve their authoritarian masters. Resistance is futile for the Uyghurs as they face torture and death if they fail to abide.

Recently, Kentucky Republican Rep. Andy Barr introduced an amendment that will require companies to divulge their connections to Uyghur forced labor. Unfortunately, it was met with rejection by some House Democrats.

“We must cut off offenders from the global economy until China changes course. We must rely on appeals to their bottom line, not their conscience,” Barr stated.

“If we are truly concerned by public companies who may be working with bad actors, particularly bad actors responsible for China’s worst human rights abuses, then burying their name on the SEC’s website will achieve absolutely nothing. We need to ensure that they are referred to the Treasury Department so that we can impose sanctions,” Barr elaborated.

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy supported the amendment and slammed the Democrats for turning a blind eye on the issue.

“BREAKING: House Democrats just unanimously voted against holding China accountable for using forced labor to make products for American companies. The “Woke” party would rather keep turning a blind eye than stand against human rights abuses,” McCarthy said on twitter.

“No American company should be involved with any product or service that relies on forced labor – in China or anywhere else. Republicans just acted to apply sanctions to those who fail this basic human rights test. Democrats have a chance to join us or keep looking the other way,” he added.

The fact that some politicians from a freedom-loving nation like the United States prefer to protect their interests and allow the inhumane treatment of the Uyghurs, is sickening. We must not let these Chinese communists act as if they’re gods on earth and subjugate innocent people. Especially if they are doing it to fill their coffers to the brim, which will then be used to strengthen the military capabilities of the totalitarian state.

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