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Democrat Senator Cites Great Republican John Mccain As Her Hero



Democrat senator Kyrsten Sinema never fails to keep her party mates on their toes with her actions and words. A few weeks ago, the 44 year old Arizona native said in a Senate floor speech, that her “personal hero” in politics is none other than GOP great Sen. John McCain. Sinema said the former Republican standard bearer “dedicated his life to public service, both in uniform and here in the U.S. Senate.”

History will forever remember John McCain as a courageous Republican who exercised his freedom to challenge whatever is deemed wrong and harmful to American society. Back in 2008, the respected Republican became the party’s nominee for the presidential elections. Although he didn’t win in that race, he still went on to serve the people through his post in senate. 

Courage is a trait that Sinema has obviously inherited from her Republican idol, as exhibited through her willingness to oppose and draw the ire even of her own party mates, for the sake of the nation. 

In light of the recent border crisis in the south, Sinema has even criticized President Biden for his lack of efforts in addressing the massive problem of illegal migration. “The reality is that this is a crisis. We all know it, and the federal government must do more to address this surge of migrants who are coming to the border with increasing numbers each year,” ” Sinema said in an interview with KTAR News.

Aside from John McCain, Sinema also gave praise to a fellow Arizonan, Sandra Day O’Connor, who became the first woman associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. O’Connor was nominated by Ronald Reagan in 1981, and would go on to serve the people until 2006. Sinema said in her speech that O’Connor was a “dedicated public servant who left [her] mark on our state and our country.”

The main purpose of Sinema’s speech at the senate was to introduce a bipartisan resolution with Sen. James Lankford, a GOP member representing Oklahoma. Sinema is also slated to introduce a minimum wage bill with Mitt Romney sometime this year.

American politics has been suffering from disunity for a very long time and it is refreshing to know that a young leader like Kyrsten Sinema is willing to approach and join hands with rival party members. After all, the welfare of the people matters so much more than political pride.

“Public service is not about winning partisan political battles or getting your name out on cable news,” Sinema concluded.

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