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Democrat Billionaire Donates To Dismantle Minneapolis Police Department



Recently, it has been discovered through campaign finance records, that George Soros, a Hungarian-born American billionaire and well known proponent of progressive and political causes, has provided funding for a plan to tear down the Minneapolis Police Department.

As the founder of grantmaking network Open Society Foundations, an amount of $500,000 was donated to the Yes 4 Minneapolis movement. The coalition of residents, businesses and other communities, aims to establish a comprehensive Department of Public Safety in Minneapolis, as an alternative for the police department.

“It all started in Minneapolis. Following the murder of George Floyd last summer, we witnessed a community movement against state-sanctioned violence — a movement to better protect Black lives. We marched. We organized. We listened. And, most importantly, we learned that Minneapolis residents agree that our current police-only approach to public safety is broken,” Yes 4 Minneapolis boldly stated on their official website.

“Our movement demands our city leaders move away from violent policing to create a department that addresses community safety holistically and with a public health approach. Our movement believes that the community should decide what safety looks like. To do so, we must amend the city charter that was written in 1961 and forces us to build on a broken system,” the coalition added.

So far, the group has already accumulated about a million dollars in donations, with Soros being the biggest benefactor. Other liberal groups followed suit and also donated huge sums of cash to Yes 4 Minneapolis.

“Open Society is a longtime funder of efforts to secure racial justice and equity. We’re proud to support local organizations who are engaging their elected leaders, city officials, and neighbors on how best to achieve community safety and well-being,” Open Society Policy Center’s spokesperson told Fox News. 

Often providing financial backing to Democratic Party candidates, Soros has also been funnelling some of his wealth to organizations fighting to “defund the police.” 

As crime and violence escalates in America, the voices calling for the downfall of law enforcement are becoming louder by the day as they receive further empowerment from self-proclaimed philanthropists like George Soros. 

“We are really going to make this happen. Y’all, we have all of the tools we need to create the city that we need to thrive, not just survive. That is a beautiful thing,” JaNaé Bates, director of communications for Yes 4 Minneapolis, said at a news conference earlier this week.

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