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Delusional Chinese Government Thinks They Can Help Fix The Conflict In Afghanistan



Recently, amid Biden’s rushed pull-out of American troops in Afghanistan, the communist Chinese government has expressed its desire to act as a mediator in the conflict in the war torn nation. 

In an interview with CCP-backed tabloid Global Times, Yang Jin, a research associate at the Institute of Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, claims that China is qualified to handle matters in Afghanistan.

“China’s consistent position on the Afghan issue is to respect Afghanistan’s historical and current conditions, and to help but not interfere, which is also what separates China from the US and makes China a mediator, or a ‘guarantor of security’ in the region,”, Yang Jin said.

Even though the CCP has continually oppressed their own people, failed to respect some of their staunchest allies and has burdened the world with this pandemic, they still believe that they can do better than the United States when it comes to fixing the problems of other nations. 

“As close neighbors of Afghanistan, the SCO member states can play a positive role in promoting the peace, reconciliation and reconstruction process in Afghanistan. Better connectivity is the common aspiration of countries in Central and South Asia and is also an important part of the BRI [Belt and Road Initiative] cooperation,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said in a recent press briefing in Beijing.

“Against this background, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit is an important diplomatic mission aimed at consolidating traditional friendship and cooperation with Central Asian countries, advancing the development of the SCO, promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan, and strengthening joint efforts to build the BRI and enhance connectivity,” Wang Wenbin continued.

“The US, in disregard of its responsibilities and obligations, hastily withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving a mess and turmoil to the Afghan people and regional countries,” Wenbin added.

The communists not only wanted to meddle and act like heroes in the region, they also wanted to place the blame on America’s rushed pull-out from Afghanistan. They had the gall to criticize America when in fact they haven’t provided any crucial contribution to the United States and the Afghan government’s two-decade struggle in Afghanistan.

“As a friendly close neighbor of Afghanistan, China always supports the Afghan people in safeguarding their national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and taking national destiny into their own hands,” Wang Wenbin said in another briefing last week.

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