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Daunte Wright’s Aunt Naisha Says Kim Potter ‘Needs to Pay For What She Did’



The aunt of Daunte Wright, an unarmed Black man fatally shot during a traffic stop in Minneapolis, has said that the police officer involved should “pay for what she did.”

In an emotional interview with CNN on Monday night, Naisha Wright described how her family had been left devastated by the death of her 20-year-old nephew.

On Sunday, officers stopped Wright for a traffic violation and found out he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He reportedly tried to get back into his car and was shot by the officer.

Police authorities said that the officer involved, Kim Potter, who had been with the Brooklyn Center Police Department for 26 years, had mistaken her gun for a Taser.

The death on the outskirts of the same city where George Floyd was killed last year has sparked a second evening of unrest with hundreds gathering on Monday night at the Brooklyn Center Police station.

“My nephew was murdered,” Naisha Wright told CNN anchor Don Lemon.

“There is no peace in this. Say his name. Keep saying his name. My nephew did not deserve this.”

Naisha Wright, the Aunt of Daunte Wright, speaks out after her nephew was shot by a police officer and died following a traffic stop.

— CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) April 13, 2021

“You know the difference from a fully loaded pistol versus a stun gun,” she replied when asked about the claim that the officer had intended to use her Taser. “Everybody in this world saw that gun, you mean to tell me that you thought it was a Taser?”

“They took my man’s life from him. My great nephew has to now grow up not even knowing, not even being able to touch his father,” she said, referring to the victim’s one-year-old son, Daunte Jr.

With several of her family members serving as officers, she had “nothing bad to say” about the police in general, but of Potter, she added: “She needs to pay for what she did to my family. My family’s blood is on their hands.”

Body camera footage released Monday shows the officer yell “Taser,” multiple times as Wright gets back into his vehicle and, after firing the shot, “Oh s—, I just shot him.”

Potter has been placed on administrative leave from Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Wright continued: “He didn’t deserve to die. My nephew was a damn good kid. He loved his family and we loved him. An accident, an accident? Come on now.”

“How do we put life back together after this? Some people say ‘it was God’s plan.’ That was not God’s plan,” she said, before urging people to keep her nephew in their minds.

“Say his name, keep saying his name. My nephew did not deserve this,” she added.

The Liberty Buzz has contacted the Brooklyn Center Police Department for comment.

The department’s police chief, Tim Gannon, told reporters that the Bureau of Criminal Apprehensions (BCA) would investigate the incident and present its findings, “independent of me.”

A woman holds flowers during a vigil for Daunte Wright on April 12, 2021 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images



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