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Ex-WWE Star Dan Rodimer Launches Texas Campaign Video: ‘Commies In DC Are Ruining America’



Former wrestling star Dan Rodimer has issued a statement of intent in his campaign to replace the late Republican congressman Ron Wright, releasing a video with colorful language in which he takes aim at the “commies in DC.”

Rodimer was a surprise entry in the race for Texas’ congressional District 6, joining a crowded field of 22 candidates which includes Susan Wright, the widow of the lawmaker who last month became the first sitting congress member to die from the coronavirus.

Rodimer has lost congressional and state senate elections in Nevada over the past three years but will bid to win the special election on May 1 in the first significant ballot since former President Donald Trump left office.

A rodeo-themed video promoting his campaign shows Rodimer in a Stetson and riding a bull “named Nancy Pelosi” as he tries to brandish his Lone Star state bona fides.

Republican congressional candidate and ex-professional wrestler Daniel Rodimer on October 8, 2020 in Boulder City, Nevada. He’s produced a video in which he slams the “commies in D.C.”
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After the animal bucks him off, the six foot, seven inch former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star who was born in New Jersey and had been based in Las Vegas, dusts himself off and tells the camera, “Texas has big problems, “We need a big fighter to solve those problems.”

“The commies in D.C. are ruining America,” he says, “We have a big problem… I know how to handle Nancy Pelosi and stop her bullsh*t.”

To emphasize the point, he steps in a pile of manure, and says he will “put a boot right in her socialist platform.”

Vowing to “go to D.C. and kick some left-wing a**,” he gives his take on culture war issues, describing how current lawmakers are promoting “men in women’s bathrooms, boys in girls’ sports,” and accusing them of not protecting U.S. borders.

He said that he had moved his family of seven “back to Texas” because he wanted to raise them in a “constitutional friendly state.”

Politico reported that Rodimer had been encouraged to run by Trump allies although he does not have his endorsement yet. He also had the backing of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

However, the San Antonio Express Express-News has dubbed him a “shameless carpetbagger” as it is unclear how much time he has spent in the district.

In a previous statement announcing his candidacy, Rodimer said he had worked as a homebuilder in Houston and owned a house in Galveston, although these are hundreds of miles away from the Texas’ 6th District.

“We have been looking for houses and apartments for the past few months, but hadn’t really thought about running for Congress again,” he said in the statement from March 5.

Rodimer won the GOP primary for Nevada district 3 campaign in 2020 and although he lost to Democratic Rep. Susie Lee, he broke fundraising records, securing nearly $3 million for his campaign.

Republicans are confident they can hold the Texas seat on May 1 but it has been tilting toward Democrats since 2016, Politico reported.

The Liberty Buzz has contacted the Republican Party of Texas and Rodimer’s campaign for comment.



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