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Dan Crenshaw’s Youth Summit Draws Big Crowd Of Young Conservatives



Texas Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw commanded more than 2,000 young Americans at the recently concluded youth summit in Houston this previous weekend. Speaking on conservative values and GOP politics, the former U.S. Navy Seal went extra badass by rappelling into the stage like the real combat expert that he used to be.

“You’re here because you think conservatism is a better path forward for America,” Crenshaw addressed the young people in attendance.

“You’d be right. But I didn’t bring you here to rally on and on about how great we are. This isn’t a rally. I brought you here so that you might have a better understanding of what it means to partake from the rich, conservative, traditions,” Crenshaw added.

As a member of the Navy, Crenshaw served on SEAL Team 3 in Afghanistan, where he reached the rank of lieutenant commander. In his 3rd deployment in the wartorn Central Asian nation, Crenshaw lost his right eye to an improvised explosive device detonation, which explains the Nick Fury-like eye patch that adorns his face.

An awardee of two Bronze Star Medals for his valiant and outstanding service in Bahrain, South Korea and Afghanistan, Crenshaw officially became a Republican candidate for Texas’s 2nd congressional district in 2018. He eventually defeated Democratic nominee Todd Litton in that election.

Aptly dubbed “The Dan Crenshaw Youth Summit 2021” several attendees were amazed by the former Navy Seal’s flair and bravery, inspiring them to vote for a leader like him.

“If Crenshaw were to run for president, I’d have a hard time deciding between him and Trump,” said 17-year-old Esteven Lopez.

“I love Trump — love, love Trump. But I think he’s getting too old, and it’s time for someone fresh in there,” 20-year-old attendee Zerah Steltzer stated.

“Trump is not a God. Politics has to be bigger than one specific person,” conservatitve commentator David Rubin said in an interview.

“I really like Crenshaw’s mentality, his morals, and I love the eye patch,” said 19-year old Pete Empey.

Several big name media personalities and activists such as Antonia Okafor, Benji Backer, Elisha Krauss, and Morgan Zegers also shared their insights and wisdom in a panel called “Youth Outreach and Activism.”

Aside from David Rubin, bestselling author Dr. Jordan Peterson, former Fox News and NBC anchor Megyn Kelly, Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro and a number of conservative leaders were also present at the summit.

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