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Corrupt Anti-Crypto Secretary Of Treasury Is A Servant Of The Elite



Janet Yellen, a Biden-nominated secretary of treasury, has recently been lobbying hard to destroy the Wyden-Lummis-Toomey pro-cryptocurrency amendments being pushed by the Republicans and also some Democrats in the senate.

The issue of federal regulation and taxation of digital assets has been a hot topic in the United States recently, and it has reverberated among investors and traders around the world. 

Before Biden’s infrastructure bill sailed smoothly out of the Senate’s halls, the controversial legislation has faced a lot of hurdles including the hasty insertion of a clause that says cryptocurrencies should be subjected to government regulation and taxation. 

The broad inclusivity of the provision was questioned by a bi-partisan trio consisting of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.). The provision being challenged will trample upon smaller participants such as miners, node operators and developers, people who are vital to the survival of the blockchain ecosystem.

“The public pressure is working as more Senators express concerns to us privately about the bill text, Treasury is pulling out all the stops to kill the Wyden amendment, general politics of the bill could force Sen. Schumer to say no amendments at all,” stated Ron Hammond, Director of Government Relations at the Blockchain Association.

Yellen, who was also nominated by Barack Obama but did not get re-appointed by Donald Trump, has recently been accused of corruption for receiving $7.2 million in “speaking fees” from Citibank and the Citadel hedge fund. A long-time educator in the field of economics, Yellen holds a high degree of influence on people and she is clearly using this, along with her position in government to advance the greedy intentions of these banks.

The Biden administration has been recklessly printing money to make up for the lack of economic strategy, especially during this pandemic. Unfortunately, it is the citizens who will be burdened by this in the future and it is acceptable that people will be seeking other alternatives to preserve their hard-earned money. 

Cryptocurrencies are one one of the ways to protect the public’s hard-earned money from the impending inflation caused by the neglectful methods of the nation’s treasury and Biden’s cohorts in government.

To impose oppressive laws on the ownership of digital assets is an assault on American freedom and technological innovation. It is nothing but a victory for Yellen’s elitist masters in the banking sector and a gargantuan loss for the rest of the struggling citizenry.

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