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Covid Could Infect A Million Americans Per Day At The Beginning Of January



The U.S. could see around 1,005,486 coronavirus cases per day by January 10, according to the latest forecast by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington.

The projected daily case count could be reached if “governments do not re-impose mandates if cases increase” and “vaccine distribution is scaled up over 90 days,” according to the IHME.

A spokesperson for IHME explained to Newsweek that the 90 day period refers to “the time it takes to scale up to full capacity for [vaccine] distribution. So for example, in the reference scenario, the maximum number of doses per day is three million, and that scenario assumes 90 days to reach three million doses per day.

“The doses per day figures were based primarily on flu vaccine delivery in the U.S., with approximately 180 million annual seasonal flu vaccines delivered over three months each year.

“In the fast vaccine scenario, the number is doubled (six million doses per day) and the time to reach that point is halved to 45 days,” the spokesperson added.




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