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CVS COVID Vaccine Appointment Eligibility and How to Book Online



CVS Health, the company that owns the CVS Pharmacy chain, is offering COVID vaccinations at select CVS locations in 11 states. Those eligible can register by booking an appointment at the CVS website.

The website states: “We are administering the COVID-19 vaccine by appointment only in select stores, based on local eligibility guidelines.”

In a statement on February 2, CVS Health said: “Supply for the initial rollout, which is sourced directly from the federal government through the pharmacy partnership program, will be approximately 250,000 total doses. As more supply becomes available, the company will expand to additional states while increasing the number of stores offering vaccinations.

“More than 90,000 health care professionals including pharmacists, licensed pharmacy technicians and nurses will participate in the vaccination effort, giving CVS Pharmacy the capacity to administer 20–25 million shots per month.”

Eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination at CVS

The company said: “Eligibility will be confirmed and communicated by states in advance of the rollout.” Below are states where CVS is offering vaccinations, as of February 2:

  • California: Available at 100 stores. See eligibility criteria at the California health department website.
  • Connecticut: Available at 12 stores. See eligibility criteria at the Connecticut government website.
  • Hawaii: Available at 7 stores. See eligibility criteria at the Hawaii health department website.
  • Maryland: Available at 18 stores. See eligibility criteria at the Maryland health department website.
  • Massachusetts: Available at 18 stores. See eligibility criteria at the Massachusetts government website.
  • New Jersey: Available at 27 stores. See eligibility criteria at the New Jersey health department website.
  • New York: Available at 32 stores. See eligibility criteria at the New York health department website.
  • Rhode Island: Available at 4 stores. See eligibility criteria at the Rhode Island health department website.
  • South Carolina: Available at 17 stores. See eligibility criteria at the South Carolina health department website.
  • Texas: Available at 70 stores. See eligibility criteria at the Texas health department website.
  • Virginia: Available at 28 stores. See eligibility criteria at the Virginia health department website.

The company said in early February: “CVS Health is also working directly with Indiana (utilizing two CVS Pharmacy locations) and Ohio (19) to provide in-store vaccinations to eligible populations using state allocations. Other states may choose the same option, which is separate from the federal pharmacy partnership program but can run concurrently.”

How to book COVID-19 vaccinations at CVS

Appointments can be booked at the CVS website or via its app. Customers who don’t have internet access can call 1-800-746-7287.

To schedule an appointment on the CVS site, click on the “check vaccine availability in your area” hyperlink. This opens a drop-down menu allowing users to select their state.

Next, click the “Submit” icon to see which areas within that state are offering the vaccine. Click the “schedule” hyperlink to book an appointment.


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