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Conservatives support the American Conservation Coalition



Sometime in 2017, young climate activist Benji Backer established the American Conservation Coalition to represent Republicans and citizens on the right wing of the political spectrum. On the fifth of June, the organization will be holding its first conservative climate rally in Miami, one of the American cities that will suffer the most due to the imminent rise in sea levels. 

“We want to plant a flagpole in the sand to say, this is an issue conservatives can and should lead on. There is absolutely zero path to a zero emissions, climate change-free future without bipartisanship – and anybody who doesn’t accept that isn’t taking this seriously,” Backer told NBC News.

The rally will also be graced by Republican supporters of the cause. Among them Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami and former Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo.

“It is no longer an issue of the environment versus the economy; the environment is the economy. We hope to serve as a model of how conservative policies can protect the environment, invest in the future, and address the challenges of climate change,” Mayor Suarez said.

Backer is no stranger to climate activism and his experience dates back to his college days. Before he fought for the environment as a college freshman, he cut his teeth writing for right-leaning sites such as TownHall and RedState and eventually became a well-known conservative TV personality in his own right.

Although the American Conservation Coalition has criticisms thrown their way by people from both the left and the right, support from younger Republicans is as solid as it gets. 

Michigan congressman Peter Meijer believes that unity is needed in this quest to save the environment.

“This shouldn’t be a partisan issue and it should be something that we can find sensible common ground on. But that requires the Democratic Party to not greenwash economic redistribution efforts and it requires the Republican Party to stop denialism,” the 33-year old Republican told NBC.

While most people commonly believe that Republicans don’t believe in climate change, Benjie Backer debunks such misconception with facts. Backer claims that some of the states that are most dedicated to reducing carbon footprint are governed by Republican leaders. He cited New Hampshire, Maryland, South Dakota and Vermont as examples of GOP-led states that have contributed a lot to the decrease of emissions in the United States.

“We honestly are just focused on finding common ground on climate change solutions. Just because we have a different approach to solving climate change doesn’t mean that we are the bad guys, or that we’re evil. It just means that we have a different set of principles that we’re applying to solving the climate crisis,” Backer concluded.

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