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Conservative Republican Believes Federal Marijuana Laws Should Be Eased



Tom McClintock, a politician serving as Representative for California’s 4th congressional district, is a well-known conservative, but when it comes to federal marijuana laws, the Republican congressman prefers to have them eased.

Some may be wondering what a conservative GOP got to do with cannabis issues, when it is normally perceived as a thing of the hippies and the wokes. However, McClintock is only being pragmatic with regards to the herb, believing that the present laws aren’t working at all. 

“He has the best record on the marijuana issue of any Republican congressman in California,” said  California NORML director Dale Gieringer.

“He’s pretty unique. He’s a pretty conservative Republican and conservative Republicans tend not to be the best friends of cannabis reform,” said John Hudak, author of “Marijuana: A Short History.”

The no-nonsense McClintock has never smoked a spliff in his entire life and doesn’t plan to try one in the future, however, he understands that loosening laws is the best way to regulate the weed and prevent the youth from becoming drug addicts.

“They know where to get it and the dealer’s entire business is built on ignoring the law. The youth sent to buy alcohol would visit one liquor store after another, get carded and get thrown out – precisely because the dealer’s entire business depends on obeying the law,” McClintock said.

“I believe very firmly that treating marijuana in a regulated, legal environment is a far more effective way of keeping it out of the hands of young people and it is a far more effective way of (stopping) the crime we see right now. We don’t have a problem with lettuce growers. We don’t have a problem with rice growers,” McClintock added.

Although he isn’t an advocate of smoking cannabis, McClintock has always been friendly to the high-inducing plant. He even recognized medical marijuana and introduced measures in congress to ensure its continued utilization. America is changing and the good congressman knows that old policies that are not working should be weeded out (pun unintended).

“This amendment is NOT an endorsement of marijuana. I’ve never used it; my wife and I raised our children never to use it. And I believe local schools should assure that every American is aware of the risks and dangers that it poses,” McClintock stated.

“We know it has been legalized in states with hundreds of millions of Americans. Now how do we make this industry safer, more equitable, more accountable. That requires some federal intervention,” McClintock added.

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