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Conservative Commentator Slams Bernie Sanders’ Radical $6 Trillion Plan



Conservative commentator and business analyst Liz Peek, recently slammed socialist Bernie Sanders in her article on Fox News for the Vermont senator’s $6 trillion plan that will definitely propel inflation into new heights.

“Concerned about the skyrocketing cost of everything? Shocked at what you have to pay for chicken, for gasoline, for rent today? Don’t look now, but Bernie Sanders has a plan that will drive prices even higher,” Peek stated in her article.

Peek reveals that Sanders, along with other left-wing politicians in the Democratic Party, wanted the government to pump in more cash under the guise of “infrastructure.” Their aim is to push for the initiative, even without the approval of a single member of the Republican Party.

“Progressive Democrats are aggrieved that some of their colleagues have brokered a smaller (actual) infrastructure deal with the GOP, which omits some of their more grandiose ambitions. They want to bloat the budget with a vast expansion of Medicare, subsidies for child care and elder care (a thank-you to the teachers’ unions and the SEIU), spending to combat climate change and perhaps to provide a path to citizenship for people in the country illegally,” Peek wrote.

Peek, who is also an expert on the economy through her 20-year Wall Street experience as a research analyst, blasted Sanders’ extreme ideologies and refusal to accept more practical remedies in these trying times.

“You can’t blame Sanders; he is an ideological zealot who has long been criticized by colleagues like former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., for his refusal to compromise and lack of political pragmatism. And, Democrats, after all, put Sanders in charge of the Budget Committee. The self-described democratic socialist, once a mitten-wearing curmudgeonly outlier, is giddy with power and opportunity,” she continued.

She also cited the Democrat Party’s fear of losing support from the progressives in 2022, as a driving factor to push for their radical agendas. They have made a ton of campaign promises that they have to follow through or else become the butt of protests, while losing electoral support in the near future. Unfortunately, immigration, energy industries, the economy in general and the American people, are the ones who will suffer the most.

Peek also blasted Biden for not taking control and allowing left-wing extremism to damage the already-suffering United States economy.

“Biden should be the authoritative voice of his party, advocating moderation in light of rising inflation and his party’s vulnerability. He promised not to hike taxes on Americans earning less than $400,000 but increased prices on everyday goods is a tax on everyone, and especially our most vulnerable,” she added.

“Biden may truly believe Americans elected him to transform the nation; it is also possible he does not understand the situation,” she concluded.

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