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Colorado Man Hangs ‘Degrading’ Blow-up Dolls Outside His Home in Neighborhood Dispute



Blow-up dolls and an inflatable llama are at the center of a neighborhood dispute in suburban Lakewood, Colorado.

The items, which are designed as gags, appeared in a tree outside a home in W. Dartmouth Place over the weekend.

Police have been made aware of the inflatables, but say that no criminal or ordinance violation would apply.

“It’s offensive to me,” said neighbor Rhonda Valdez told Denver7. “It’s offensive to my neighbors. It’s degrading, it’s disgusting, and it needs to come down.”

Another nearby resident, Andy Hodler remarked: “My grandson the other day pointed it out to me. You know, you just don’t like to have to explain this thing.”

“I’m not sure what the things are trying to say here, or prove here in this particular situation, but it’s very offensive, not only for a person of color, but for anyone as you see something like that,” neighbor Morris Thompson said.

The dolls hang over the front yard belonging to the person who put them in the tree, which is rooted in their next door neighbour’s property.

“It’s very offensive”: Neighbors upset over blow-up dolls being hung on trees

— Denver7 News (@DenverChannel) March 30, 2021

It is the latest dispute among the households, which told Denver7 that they have had several arguments in the past over things such as tree limbs and parking.

Asked why he displayed the items, the homeowner said: “That’s all I could get.” He added that he intends to keep the dolls in place.

Officers responded to the appearance of the inflatables on Sunday

“Unfortunately like some holiday decorations that are put up, not everyone agrees with the display,” a Lakewood Police Department spokesperson said.

The department’s Community Action Team will work to help those involved come to a resolution, they added.

“I think the worst part is that kids are seeing this and, you know, I think we all, as adults, need to be role models now in our society,” one unidentified woman in the neighborhood said of the dolls.

It is not the first time that blow-up dolls have caused friction between neighbors.

In 2012, a dispute erupted between neighbours in Charlestown, Boston, over whether a proposed second story would block neighbors view of the ocean.

Peter Bloomquist, the man seeking to add the extra storey, eventually won the argument but the bad blood did not end there.

He later put up 40-foot trees, flagpoles, and a spinning pig on-top of his property and later a blow-up doll appeared perched in a tree.

A demonstrator walks with a sex doll reading “Trump Pence 2016” during an anti-Donald Trump rally in Cleveland, Ohio.



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