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China Is Planning To Invade U.S Allie Taiwan



The Chinese Communist Party seems intent on harassing the tiny island Republic of Taiwan, which happens to be one of America’s most loyal allies. China has been flexing their war capabilities by conducting incursions into Taiwanese territory and these operations have been increasing dramatically to a daily level for the past few months.

Recently, Chinese state-owned magazine Naval and Merchant Ships published an article that outlined a three-stage plan on how they will invade Taiwan. They bragged about the ballistic missiles and fighter jets that they will use to overwhelm Taiwanese forces and conquer them under the guise of uniting with their old foes.

During the formation of communist China, Mao Zedong’s soldiers succeeded in defeating their rival the Kuomintang Party, the surviving troops, citizens and their leaders fled to the nearby island to escape the claws of communism. 

Today, Xi Jinping is the supreme leader seated in Beijing and he insists on imposing his power to put back again the chains of communism upon those that have opposed their repressive system. Last year, the CCP succeeded in controlling Hong Kong with their National Security Law, which will be the first step towards depriving the people of their freedom. Now they are picking on Taiwan next, but it seems they’ve had enough of being bullied and have developed a harder stance against the tyrannical communists.

“From my limited understanding of American decision makers watching developments in this region, they clearly see the danger of the possibility of China launching an attack against Taiwan. We are willing to defend ourselves without any questions and we will fight the war if we need to fight the war. And if we need to defend ourselves to the very last day we will defend ourselves to the very last day,” Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said in a statement back in April.

The valiant Taiwanese is not alone in this fight however, as America has pledged loyalty and support for the island nation. China can boast about its military and bully Taiwan all they want, but when things turn ugly, they will not win a battle against the United States and Taiwan.

Even the peace-loving nation of Japan will be ready if China decides to create trouble in the area.

“If a major incident happened [involving Taiwan], it would not be strange at all if it touches on a situation that threatens [Japan’s] survival. If that is the case, then Japan and the US must defend Taiwan together,” Japan’s deputy prime minister Taro Aso stated earlier this week.

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