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China Bullies Taiwan With Largest Air Force Incursion To Date



China and Taiwan may have the same lineage and language, and share a common history, but they aren’t just separated by a body of water, extreme differences in beliefs and ideologies persist between the two nations as well.

Communist-ruled China has succeeded in wiping out their original cultural heritage and replaced it with a Soviet-influenced socialist style. Taiwan on the other hand, took good care of their origins’ remnants while evolving with the modern times. China is a tyrannical nation that aligns itself with the likes of Russia and North Korea, while the freedom loving people of Taiwan are close friends with the United States of America.

Recently, under the guise of preventing an imagined destabilization, China sent twenty-eight air force aircraft, along with fighters and nuclear-armed vessels to intimidate the citizens of the tiny island of Taiwan. The Taiwanese government stated that this intrusion into their territory is by far the biggest in history.

Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, condemned Taiwan’s desire to seek formal independence, to which the communist Chinese government overreacted with a grandstanding naval act.

“We will never tolerate attempts to seek independence or wanton intervention in the Taiwan issue by foreign forces, so we need to make a strong response to these acts of collusion,” Ma said.

China initiated the intimidation on the day the USS Ronald Reagan entered the South China Sea. The US Navy just went about their regular tasks and didn’t mind the Chinese theatrics.

“The Ronald Reagan Strike group did not interact with any Chinese military aircraft,” Lieutenant Commander Joe Keiley said in a statement via email.

“During the strike group’s South China Sea operations, all communications between ships and aircraft have been consistent with international norms and have not impacted our operations,” Keiley elaborated.

In a recent interview, a senior U.S. administration official made clear the role that the United States will play in this brewing conflict.

“In response to the growing PRC threat, we will continue deepening our unofficial security relationship to ensure Taiwan has sufficient capabilities to defend itself,” he told Reuters.

Former US Defense Department official Drew Thompson sees the whole thing as a flexing of muscles by the communist giant.

“Because of all this ambiguity about signaling, timing, packages, location, it makes for a very, very effective gray-zone tool. It says one thing to Japan, another thing to the US, another thing to Taiwan. It sends a whole bunch of different messages to different people. But the common theme is, ‘don’t oppose China,’ or face serious consequences,” Thompson stated.

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