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China Admits It Is Stepping Up Its Nuclear Capabilities To Deter America



The Chinese Communist Party has recently admitted through its tabloid arm Global Times, that it is souping up its nuclear capabilities to establish world dominance. In an editorial article, China boasted about its expanding weaponry while blaming America for the country’s continued revamp of its WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) arsenal.

“There are two major reasons why some people in the US, and in the West in general, have been talking more and more about China’s nuclear weapons. First, the US has made China its main strategic rivalry. As it has adopted various policies to lay siege to China, the risk of strategic confrontation between the two countries has increased,” the Global Times wrote.

“As the US is strengthening its own nuclear weapons arsenal, it naturally assumes that China will do the same. Second, China’s economic and technological strength is sufficient beyond doubt to support the expansion of its nuclear weapons arsenal. It would be easy for China to do so if it wanted to,” the article added.

The state mouthpiece also blasted American mass media for sensationalizing the news about China’s nuclear facilities while influencing the thoughts of the public.

“The US media and relevant institutes repeatedly hyped the newly discovered “silos” in China. Their fundamental purpose is to exert public opinion pressure on China. They have always believed that Western public opinion could influence China and that increasing the pressure can force China to change its behavior,” the article stated.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, they have recently discovered via satellite imagery, a new missile base in China’s western deserts in Xinjiang region. It is speculated that the base could handle 110 nuclear silos, a testament to China’s desire to bolster their weaponry.

“Despite the PRC’s obfuscation, this rapid build-up has become more difficult to hide and highlights how China is deviating from decades of nuclear strategy based around minimum deterrence. These advances highlight why it is in everyone’s interest that nuclear powers talk to one another directly about reducing nuclear dangers and avoiding miscalculation,” a US State Department spokesperson stated in an interview with CNN.

In a response to the report, China did not deny anything and even boasted about its newfound nuclear power. They also shifted the blame to the United States.

“Americans should know as clearly as the Chinese do about what level of nuclear power China really needs to build. It would be a nuclear force strong enough to make the US – from the military to the government – fear. To a significant degree, it could participate in shaping US public opinion toward China. The dynamic equilibrium will be achieved when the radical elites in the US completely lose the courage to even think about using nuclear weapons against China, and when the entire US society is fully aware that China is “untouchable” in terms of military power,” the Global Times stated.

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