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Couple Of Chicago Accused Of Hitting Schizophrenic Man Until Death In An ‘evil’ Case



A couple from Chicago stand accused of torturing and murdering a schizophrenic man whose battered body was found dumped in a garage.

Frederick Johnson’s body was discovered by police in the suburb of Englewood in June.

A couple, named as Santino Carter and Dominique Beck, have been charged with murder, alongside Brian Gray, who was allegedly hired to assist them with the crime. Beck is also charged with neglect as a caregiver.

Judge John F. Lyke ordered Carter and Gray be held in custody until their court appearance next month, while Beck was held on $1 million bail.

Johnson, 43, had been living with Carter, 38, and Beck, 29, for two years.

The arrangement ended, the couple allegedly told investigators, when they told him to leave two weeks before his body was found after he had defecated in the living room and bathroom. The couple said that had resulted in an altercation where Beck was pushed.

A witness who had been in Carter’s car when he received the call about the defecation allegedly told police he saw Carter punish Johnson by making him stand while touching his toes for several hours. Carter allegedly beat Johnson with a wooden stick and metal chain if he refused to carry out his instructions.

Prosecutors allege that the witness saw Carter pick up a hammer and enter the room with Johnson, before hearing a hammer striking something and Johnson yelp in pain.

Carter then called Gray, 48, and paid him $100 to help clean up the scene, according to prosecutors. They added that Johnson’s autopsy, phone records and a search of the house backed up the witness’ claim.

All three suspects were arrested Sunday and will attend a court hearing December 14.

Judge Lyke called the allegations “evil on a whole other level” and said Johnson suffered a “violent and cruel death.”

Chicago is experiencing its worst levels of violence since the 1990s, with homicides up 50 percent so far this year compared with 2019. At least 400 people were shot across the city in September, and there were at least 81 homicides.

Chicago police Superintendent David Brown has called 2020 an “unprecedented year in policing, as a pandemic and civil unrest have converged to present law enforcement with a crisis on multiple fronts.”

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, there have been 707 homicides in the city so far this year. That figure rose on Tuesday following an incident in South Chicago when nine people were shot, two of them fatally.



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