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Catholic Sisters Angered By Biden Admin’s Mistreatment Of Haitian Refugees



Recently, groups of Catholic sisters and congregational representatives, voiced their disgust for the Biden administration’s mistreatment of Haitian refugees who attempted to cross the southern border. The religious leaders urged the government to enact reform on immigration policies to ensure that inhumane practices will be eliminated from the program.

Last month, the Global Sisters Report, a non-profit news and information source about Catholic sisters and their advocacies, got in touch with Adrian Dominican Sr., Dursyne “Dusty” Farnan and other sisters and congregational representatives with United Nations-based advocacy efforts. The sisters believed that a comprehensive immigration reform is quite a difficult goal to achieve under America’s strained political climate. This complex situation however, does not deter them from taking the necessary steps to advance their cause.

“But if we don’t start doing that now, this is just going to be repeated over and over and over again,” Farnan stated.

“Right now, we’re talking about Haiti, but we have thousands of Afghans who are in the process of trying to be determined whether or not they’re really vetted so that they can actually stay here,” Farnan added.

In a recent statement, the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, an international community of Roman Catholic women, expressed their solidarity “with people worldwide in expressing outrage over the shocking treatment of Haitian asylum seekers trying to enter the United States in Del Rio, Texas.”

“Haitian women, children and men are among our most vulnerable sisters and brothers has experienced a political assassination, a massive earthquake and a fierce hurricane,” the organization stated.

“These catastrophic events further burden a nation with a long history of political upheaval and widespread, grinding poverty, conditions often exacerbated by U.S. policy over the years,” the Sisters of Mercy added.

For the past few years, the Caribbean nation of Haiti has suffered from climate change-related catastrophes that was exacerbated further by the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread gang violence that was sparked by the assassination of the country’s president. A deadly concoction of chaos, despair and economic turmoil has burdened the Haitian people, leaving them nowhere to go but the Central Americas and the United States.

“It penetrates everything that people do who can no longer travel, can no longer go to work, can’t visit people in the hospital, can’t go to the market. The gangs are now posting guards on each end of the market, so you’ve got to pay a fee coming and going. Vendors have to pay a fee if they want to sell their goods,” said Dawn Colapietro, a lay missionary for the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth in New Jersey who had a lengthy involvement in humanitarian work in Haiti.

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