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Border Problems Allow Donald Trump To Hit Repeat and Rouse His Base



Chants of “build that wall” and a focus on the southern border were key features of former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

And with his successor President Joe Biden under scrutiny over the situation there, Trump has been able to return to the familiar talking point.

In doing so, the former commander-in-chief could rouse his supporters as he looks to maintain political influence.

The former president has twice released statements taking aim at Biden and his administration over the situation—defending his own record and urging completion of his border wall.

On Sunday, Trump said the Biden administration had been handed the “most secure border in history,” criticizing its policies for exacerbating problems.

He called for the wall to be completed “immediately.”

Earlier this month Trump labeled the situation at the border “out of control,” blaming this on what he branded the “disastrous leadership of Joe Biden.”

At CPAC, Trump also touted the border wall and labeled the Biden administration “anti-borders.”

He utilized another attack line Republicans have turned on Biden, branding his stances as putting “America last.”

“Think about it, right? America last,” he said.

“There is no better example than the new and horrible crisis on our southern border.”




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