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BLM Founder’s Non-profit Org Failed To Disclose Donations



According to a recent report, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, happens to be connected to a non-profit organization that has failed to divulge a huge amount of donations. She is said to be the founder and chairperson of Dignity and Power Now, a Los Angeles-based group created back in 2012 claiming to help black and minorities in prison.

Isabel Vincent, a Canadian investigative journalist, recently reported in an article on the New York Post, details about the money that the organization has received but kept away from public scrutiny.

“It received at least $225,000 in 2016, but told the IRS that the charity had not made more than $50,000 that year, according to public filings. Failing to meet that revenue threshold meant that the group didn’t have to file a complete federal return, which would outline all of its spending and donations,” Vincent wrote.

It was given $100,000 by the Los Angeles-based Resnick Foundation and $125,000 by the California Initiative, public records for the two donors show,” Vincent added.

Vincent would elaborate about Khan-Cullors’ organization and the wealthy people who have offered some help for their cause. The evidence that Dignity and Power Now has received a large sum of money is overwhelming.

“The donation from the Resnick Foundation, a charity controlled by billionaire couple Stewart and Lynda Resnick, was sent to Dignity and Power Now in January 2016, said a spokesman for the Resnick’s Wonderful Company. The donation also appears on the Resnick Foundation’s 2015 federal tax filings, which detail the group’s spending from October 2015 through September 2016,” she revealed.

The flow of cash does not stop with the Resnicks however, as Khan-Cullors’ have received a whole lot more from the California Initiative, which donated $100,000 and $25,000 back in 2016.

Peter Flaherty, chairman of conservative watchdog group the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), demanded answers from the BLM-connected organization.

“The obvious question is what happened to the money. Given these circumstances, we believe that an audit is in order,” Flaherty said.

The New York Post alleges that the BLM leader used the cash to enrich herself, citing questionable purchases and expenditures that were attributed to her.

“Khan-Cullors spent $3.2 million on real estate in Los Angeles and Georgia in the last two years. A state political action committee she founded for prison reform in California paid out tens of thousands in political consulting fees to her wife and baby daddy,” NY Post reported.

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