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BLM Europe’s Questionable Legacy



It has been more than a year since George Floyd was killed by some rotten apples in the police force and since then, the popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement skyrocketed like crazy. The BLM trend sparked a number of destructive protests and the whole of America was engulfed in vandalism, arson and an endless stream of wokeness.

Soon this fad would spread to Europe and endlessly rake in more cash for its organizers as countries such as Denmark, Poland, Germany and Italy started riding the BLM wave.

Dr. Piotr Kocyba, a research assistant at the Professorship for Central and Eastern European Studies at Chemnitz University of Technology, was part of an international research team that studied the Black Lives Matter phenomenon. He commends BLM’s reach and thriving culture but isn’t quite sure if its legacy will be sustained through the years, or spread in other regions.

“Under the difficult conditions of the pandemic, people have managed to network and draw public attention to their own concerns. But whether it will have a lasting effect, in other words, whether individual BLM movements will be able to establish and develop in the various European societies, remains to be seen,”  Kocyba stated.

Back in April, at Wembley before the World Cup qualifiers, England’s top player Raheem Sterling kneeled down before a game, to enact the trademark BLM protest routine. The Polish athletes stood together proudly and did not kneel with the English footballer.

“How many areas of life remain in our country that unite and not divide us? The Polish national team is certainly one of the last. And that’s why the players didn’t kneel at Wembley before the England game,” wrote journalist Marcin Stus.

“The Poles, when making such a decision, behaved reasonably and responsibly,” Stus added.

The Polish National Team deserves commendation for not succumbing to the pressure of mainstream media and the cancel culture virus that has spread all over the world like COVID-19. Just because they did not kneel, doesn’t mean that they have no respect for other races and cultures.

“Applause for the players, applause for the PZPN [the Polish Football Federation]. For a bold, sensible decision. For not pouring oil on the fire, for a compromise solution, centered and safe. One that may not be liked by a minimally small number of people, and for the vast majority – on either side of the political dispute – to be swallowed,” Stus continued.

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