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BLM Activists Harass Black Transgender City Council Member



BLM and Defund the Police activists like to project an image to the public that they are open-minded advocates of social justice and civil rights but sometimes they just can’t hide their hypocrisy. This recent weekend, the BLM protesters blocked Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins’s car at a rally and tormented the poor Democrat.

The harassers disregarded the fact that Jenkins is the first black, openly transgender person elected to public office. The incident was captured on video and has been making rounds on the internet recently.

Jenkins, who was forced by the mob to sign a document stating that she will commit to dropping charges against the riotous protesters, has received support and sympathy from people representing various groups.

“It was Neanderthal. It was intimidation tactics. It was beneath anything I’ve ever seen. You hold somebody hostage for nearly two hours, force them, coerce them into signing a bogus documents that is worth nothing than the paper it’s written on, and you believe you got your voice heard? Absolutely not,” A Mother’s Love founder Lisa Clemons said.

“I will certainly let the council vice president speak for herself. We did have a conversation and she made very clear that it was under duress. It has nothing to do with First Amendment speech. First Amendment speech is about having the ability to express yourself, not the ability to compel somebody else under duress to take your position and intact your speech,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey stated. 

“I don’t care what your politics are, Democrat, Republican, Independent. Everyone should be speaking out against this. The issue you are fighting for, you should not hold people against their will and compel them to take your position under duress. That’s fundamentally wrong, it’s anti-democratic,” Frey added.

America is a country that respects the beliefs and ideologies of everyone, granting its citizens the right to express their frustrations and fight for what they think is right. However, there are proper ways and avenues to do so, forcing others and harassing them to follow suit just makes one an oppressor. The cancel culture today has become toxic and if you mix it with mob mentality, the concoction is a dangerous poison that could destroy American society.

Aside from being a black transgender, Jenkins also advocates police reform, so it is puzzling as to why she was treated like that by the very people that she wanted to help. In fact, in an interview with NPR last month, she openly discussed policing issues and the steps that are needed to improve policing in the country.

“We really need the George Floyd Policing Act to pass in Congress because if that happens, then we can get at some of the systemic issues that are plaguing the Minneapolis Police Department, the Boston Police Department, the New York City Police Department, the LAPD and just all over the country. We must have some federal regulations to help us improve policing in America. We have to transform policing in ways that really meet the needs of the community today,” Jenkins stated.

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