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Bill De Blasio Rebukes Fellow Dem Andrew Cuomo



Things have been spiraling down for the disgraceful New York governor Andrew Cuomo, that even his Democrat Party cohort, NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has withdrawn his support and admits that the legally-embattled ally needs to step down.

Cuomo made headlines earlier this week when it was discovered that he sexually harassed 11 women and provided a hostile environment for them in his office. Scandals have already been hounding the governor for many months, but this latest issue might be the one to put the nail on his coffin.

“It’s hurting the people of New York State and New York City. There’s no question,” de Blasio admitted before reporters when asked about Cuomo’s current status.

“You know, a guy who spends 11 hours having to testify about his sexual harassment and assault is not a guy who is focusing on fighting COVID, or getting us federal aid, or getting rent relief money to people who need it,” de Blasio said.

The NYC mayor continued to pound on his fellow Democrat, not only for his recent lascivious escapades, but also for his incompetence as the leader of the state.

“So, for anyone who is saying how great New York State is. New York State dropped the ball on rent relief. And one of the reasons must have been a distracted governor” he said.

“Here’s another example: homelessness. We came to an agreement with the State Legislature to raise the value of the homeless vouchers so that more and more people who are homeless get an apartment. The City Council passed legislation as well. Everybody was aligned,” he continued.

“All it needs is a signature from the governor to help people who are homeless get an apartment. The governor has not managed to sign that bill weeks and weeks after it got passed. So again, that was the middle of June when that bill got passed, now it’s the beginning of August, no action whatsoever,” he reiterated.

NYC’s de Blasio is not necessarily a well-loved political figure in American politics and to lose his support meant that Cuomo is running out of friends in government. No one wants to align themselves with a predator and we know that the Democrats are wary of the bad publicity that Cuomo can rub off on them.

“So, it’s time for him to leave. Let the lieutenant-governor take over, and let her get to work solving these problems with us. Because people are hurting right now, and they need leaders who can focus and not be in the middle of defending themselves against endless charges against them,” de Blasio concluded.

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