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Bidens Russian Secret Revealed And The Truth Left The Nation Stunned



New York Times columnist David Brooks laid into President Biden for his performance at the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Brooks asserted that Biden’s accomplishments were “dubious” and the general confidence in Biden is non-existent. Biden looked weak in front of Putin, and with the news about the canceled arms shipment to Ukraine, Biden’s secrets are all out in the open.

Former President Trump warned that Biden would be entirely ineffectual in dealing with Putin, and he was right.

The Biden administration has given Russia everything in the past few months. Russia gets a massive pipeline, increasing its influence in Europe, while Ukraine will not be getting weapons from the U.S.

One could argue that President Biden has been working in the interests of Russia for the past few months. It might be time for someone to get ahold of Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Democrats and Leftists alike are not confident in Biden’s performance. To top it all off, everything we have seen in recent weeks suggests that Biden is the true Russian asset.

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