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Biden used the MLK memorial to bad-mouth Republicans



President Joe Biden recently delivered a speech that was supposed to be a celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. Instead, the Democratic Party standard bearer focused all of his remaining energy boasting about his administration’s achievements while lambasting the Republicans for still supporting rival Donald Trump. What was supposed to be a proper commemoration of a great African-American leader, turned into a roast of the GOP.

In his speech, the president claimed that America’s economy is headed in the right direction, when in fact, his administration is responsible for the inflation-fuelled financial turmoil that the citizens are about to battle for the next few years. Our country is nowhere near a legitimate economic rebound and the policies of this government will just exacerbate the situation. However, the liberal head of state still had the gall to flaunt his imaginary accomplishments.

“Look, it’s the core of our administration’s economic vision, and it’s a fundamental paradigm shift for this nation. For the first time in a couple generations, we’re going to be investing in working families — putting them first and helping them get ahead, rather than the wealthy and the biggest and most powerful people out there,” Biden stated.

“And as the economy recovers, we are determined and focused on rebuilding it over the long run. No one should have to hold their breath as they cross a rundown bridge to determine whether it’s safe enough or a dangerous intersection in their hometown,” Biden continued.

After gloating over his party’s make-believe success in the field governance, Biden proceeded to trash the rival GOP in a speech that seems to exploit his executive leverage. Instead of paying tribute to the great MLK, America’s commander in chief instead resorted to politicizing and finger pointing. At one point, he even claimed that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot “was about white supremacy.”

“Despite Republican obstruction, my administration is acting. We’ve already announced changes to the federal law enforcement policies: a ban on choke-holds, restriction on no-knock warrants, requirements that federal agents wear and activate body cameras, ending the Department of Justice’s use of private prisons, rescinding the previous administration’s guidance to U.S. attorneys to require the harshest of penalties,” Biden said.

“Today, the right to vote and the rule of law are under unrelenting assault from Republican governors, attorneys general, secretaries of state, state legislators. And they’re following my predecessor — the last President — into a deep, deep black hole and abyss,” he added.

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