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Biden Is All Talk And No Action Against China



During his United Nations address, president Joe Biden tried to paint an image of firm international leadership under his watch and failed miserably with the empty words that contradicted his actions.

However, the Democrat president has shown nothing but incompetence in handling the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan. The rushed operation which was marred by violence and chaos that cost the lives of our troops and innocent Afghans, will forever be a huge black eye in Biden’s presidency.

“Washington’s abandonment of Afghanistan hung like a dark cloud over the lofty language in President Biden’s speech to the United Nations last week. It offered meager hope to the Afghan people now destined to suffer again under the Taliban’s barbaric rule,” former China country director for the secretary of Defense Joseph Bosco wrote in his opinion piece.

“Biden’s words rang hollow for the Afghan people, especially the thousands who worked with the United States, as well as hundreds of Americans — all now Taliban hostages,” Bosco continued.

Even after this monumental blunder in Afghanistan, Biden claims that he will be unyielding in his approach against China’s oppression and constant bullying in the region. In his U.N. speech, he can’t even mention the name of the Chinese Communist Party’s prince Xi Jinping, much less stop the oriental giant from imposing power in the east.

The world knows about the oppression that the Uyghur people have been suffering at the hands of the despotic communist regime. The indigenous group is facing genocide and cultural destruction, yet the Biden administration has not done anything to directly address the matter.

“The Biden team seems to believe it can achieve a kind of Cold War modus vivendi with Beijing, confining its resistance to China’s assertiveness only to major security issues in the South and East China Seas by strengthening security and other relations with allies and regional partners,” Bosco said.

America’s allies in the east are under the threat of a powerful entity that has existed for a hundred years. The CCP is the world’s oldest and wealthiest political party and it is totally obsessed with power. They have subjugated their own citizens and now they are turning their weapons on Hong Kong and Taiwan, two very loyal friends of the United States.

Unfortunately, in the face of an enemy hellbent on world domination, Joe Biden’s promises won’t suffice, he and his men in the Pentagon must do more, or the world will suffer under CCP rule.

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