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Biden appoints Republican to election security post



In a bid to protect future elections, president Biden has appointed Republican secretary of state Kim Wyman as the election security lead for the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). 

Wyman, who is best-remembered for challenging former president Donald Trump’s allegations of election fraud in 2020, resigned from her current post to accept the new role. A life-long Republican, Wyman is the lone statewide-elected GOP on the Democrat-dominated West Coast.

“I am honored to be able to share nearly three decades of experience and expertise at the federal level to support CISA’s efforts to safeguard our election systems from cyberattacks and enhance the public’s confidence in our elections,” Wyman said in a statement.

“As I assume this new role, I remain committed to protecting the integrity of our elections and working closely with local and state elections officials nationwide to bolster this foundational pillar of our democracy,” Wyman added.

Wyman worked as a county elections administrator for a decade before she was elected secretary of state in 2012. Her office is responsible for ensuring voting and ballot security, a sensitive role that requires careful attention to detail.

“The threats to our country’s election system continue each day and they must be met with a combined effort by IT and cybersecurity experts alongside election professionals at the local, state and federal levels,” Wyman said.

Given her well-respected record and vast experience in public service, Wyman’s presence will strengthen the integrity of our America’s elections. Soon-to-be colleagues at the CISA have already expressed their excitement over the inclusion of Wyman, who is slated to step down as Secretary of State on November 19, 2021.

“Kim’s reputation is second to none and I am personally thrilled to have her lead CISA’s election security efforts. Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of our democracy; Kim and I share a common view that ensuring the security of our elections must be a non-partisan effort,” CISA director Jen Easterly said in a statement.

In a September 2020 interview with the Associated Press, Wyman lambasted Trump for claiming that her proposed vote-by-mail system is susceptible to cheating.

“If the president wants to rant and rave about how insecure vote by mail is or how our elections are going to be rigged, then I’m going to talk about the security measures that Washington state put in place. And I’m going to spend my time talking about the facts, and no, I’m not going to get mired down in some sort of political debate and posturing,” Wyman stated.

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