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Biden administration’s proposed IRS bank account surveillance is akin to CCP oppression



America is slowly turning into communist China in terms of government repression. What used to be the land of democracy and personal freedom, is currently transforming into a surveillance state that is bent on violating the liberty of every American individual.

In its attempt to compensate for its economic shortcomings, the Biden administration and its cohorts announced a troubling proposal that will imperil the financial privacy of citizens across the nation. If the congress succeeds in approving this plan. The IRS will be granted the power to track every bank account with at least a minimum of $600 in annual deposits. 

The Democrats claim that this wanton disregard for privacy is essential in catching the wealthiest tax cheats in the country, but the very low minimum proves that the government is targeting the entire populace, and that includes small business owners and every ordinary laborer who is scraping hard to get by. 

Recently, Senate Republicans held a press conference lambasting the IRS bank-monitoring proposal being pushed by Biden and his allies.

“The average American will be picked up by this plan. And I think virtually every small business, think about a credit card account. By the way, the proposal doesn’t include just banks and credit unions. It includes financial institutions. That’ll be Venmo, PayPal, you name it. And the scope of the IRS ability to dive into these accounts will be the biggest violation of individual privacy that I think this country has ever seen,” said Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho.

“This is a breathtakingly terrible idea. We’re going to give all kinds of personal private information about American citizens to the same IRS that famously discriminated against conservative organizations seeking a tax exempt charter, that very recently leaked massive amounts of completely private personal tax information. Now we’re going to give transaction information,” Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey stated.

“At a time when the American people have lost so much trust in the leaders of our major institutions and of the institutions themselves, including government, I couldn’t think of a worse idea for our national Democrats to embrace and to put forward than their scheme for ensuring that private banking information is provided to the IRS,” said Sen. Todd Young of Idaho.

Due to widespread disapproval from banking groups and GOP leaders, the Biden administration backed down on the tyrannical proposal and introduced an alternate plan with a higher minimum of $10,000 instead of suggested $600. This move will not change the fact that our data, privacy and security is in the hands of a government that possesses absolute authority that can be easily abused.

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