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Arizona Legislator Criticizes Fap To Meet With Giuliani Without Masks As The State Legislature Turns Off



A state senator in Arizona rebuked his Republican colleagues on Sunday for ignoring recommendations intended to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread while meeting with Rudy Giuliani last week.

The former New York City mayor and current personal lawyer for President Donald Trump recently visited Arizona to discuss allegations of voter fraud during the presidential election. Less than one week later, Trump said Giuliani tested positive for the virus, an announcement that triggered a temporary shutdown of the Arizona Legislature because of Giuliani’s in-person interactions with Republican legislators.

In a tweet posted Sunday, state Senator Martín Quezada, a Democrat, said the behavior of Arizona House and Senate Republicans during their interactions with an unmasked Giuliani was “the epitome of COVID-19 irresponsibility.” Beneath his comments, Quezada shared a tweet from an Arizona Capitol Times reporter, which noted how some of the lawmakers who met with Giuliani later interacted with other members of the Legislature.

“This is the epitome of #COVID19 irresponsibility by members of the #AZLeg @AZHouseGOP and @AZSenateGOP,” Quezada wrote. “You owe it to the very people who work in the Capitol buildings to be better than this.”

On November 30, Giuliani held an unofficial hearing at a Phoenix hotel, at which several members of the Legislature were present. Though allegations of voter fraud and ballot interference during the presidential election have been widely debunked, Trump’s campaign continues to dispute the results, with Giuliani leading the president’s team of lawyers.

Rudy Giuliani appears before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on December 2. On Sunday, an Arizona lawmaker criticized his Republican colleagues for ignoring COVID-19 precautions while meeting with Giuliani last week, shortly before Donald Trump’s personal lawyer tested positive for the coronavirus.
Rey Del Rio/Getty

In a photo obtained by the Arizona Capitol Times, Giuliani was seen posing with several Republican lawmakers on November 30. None of the individuals wore masks or practiced social distancing while posing for the photo; health officials recommend both as strategies for slowing the virus’s spread. Giuliani also met with Republican lawmakers the following day, some of whom later met with state legislators who were not in attendance at the Giuliani meetings, according to local media reports. Giuliani later traveled to Michigan and Georgia to hold similar meetings about the election.

Trump announced Giuliani’s positive coronavirus test in a tweet on Sunday. “.@RudyGiuliani, by far the greatest mayor in the history of NYC, and who has been working tirelessly exposing the most corrupt election (by far!) in the history of the USA, has tested positive for the China Virus,” Trump’s tweet said. “Get better soon Rudy, we will carry on!!!”

After news of Giuliani’s diagnosis broke, the Capitol Times obtained an email sent to members of the Arizona Senate alerting them that the chamber would close for a week as a precaution. A spokesperson for the state House told the paper it too would close temporarily.

In a statement posted on Trump’s campaign website, the Trump legal team said Giuliani was tested for the virus before traveling to Arizona.

“Mayor Giuliani tested negative twice immediately preceding his trip to Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia. The Mayor did not experience any symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 until more than 48 hours after his return,” the statement said. “No legislators in any state or members of the press are on the contact tracing list, under current CDC Guidelines.”

Newsweek reached out to the Arizona Senate’s Republican Caucus and the Arizona House GOP for comment but did not receive responses in time for publication.



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