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Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy-award Winning Ex-girlfriend Sandra Lee Is Getting Married



While New York governor Andrew Cuomo is facing sexual harassment allegations that forced him to step down from office, his ex-girlfriend Sandra Lee is bound to get hitched with her fiance Ben Youcef, a young interfaith leader of Algerian descent.  

Photos of the Emmy award winner and her soon-to-be-husband celebrating the engagement in Paris recently emerged online, showing the sweet couple having the time of their lives.

For 14 years, Lee was half of the “Sandrew” tandem, which was projected to the people as a perfect relationship, albeit rumors that Cuomo was cheating on her long-time partner. The recent allegations against the embattled Democrat would strengthen speculations of his unfaithfulness to the television chef and author. The couple would eventually split in September 2019, ending their almost a decade and a half partnership.

“Andrew is toxic. There’s obviously a reason why Sandra moved to California – she literally could not have moved farther away from Andrew. She’s on the edge of the Pacific,” said an anonymous staffer who knew about Cuomo and Lee’s relationship.

“It was an open secret. Andrew was sleeping with at least one other woman who wasn’t Sandra” before they officially ended their relationship,” stated a former aide.

Sandra Lee is well-loved for her TV show Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee on the Food Network. She also survived a breast cancer scare back in 2015, a God-sent miracle for the lovely bride-to-be.

“Nearly two years after their split, however, the tables have turned dramatically (and ironically) in Lee’s favor, finding her traipsing about St. Tropez with her hot new boyfriend, à la Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, while her reproached ex battles an increasingly damning sex scandal and licks the wounds from his precipitous fall from grace,” Inside Hook columnist Kayla Kibbe wrote in her article.

Being the girlfriend of a scandal magnet Democrat politician like Andrew Cuomo must be torture for one of American food television’s sweethearts. It’s good that she chose to distance herself from the New York governor, which opened the door to Youcef’s world.

“Meeting each other during COVID was challenging. He’s become her friend and loving confidante quickly,” a source close to Lee, told celebrity news magazine People.

“He seems to be a good match as he has a deep understanding of all of Sandra’s worlds from her professional life to her dedicated focus on family and commitment to philanthropy,” the source added.

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