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Andrew Cuomo Steps Down As New York Governor



Good news America! Popular sexual predator Andrew Cuomo has finally stepped down from his office after facing constant pressure from the public along with various government leaders. His disgraceful act of creating an unsafe environment for his female workers has caused so much embarrassment to his administration that even president Biden himself called for his resignation.

Earlier this month, New York Attorney General Letitia James released a 168-page report containing the results of a five-month independent investigation that proved Cuomo’s involvement in sexually harassing multiple women in his office.

Cuomo has been denying allegations of sexual harassment for the past 4 months and maintained his innocence after the investigative report was issued. However, a vast majority of his allies withdrew their support for the embattled Cuomo, leaving him with no choice but to step down and face the beautiful music of impeachment.

Janice Dean, an NYC-based television host and a vocal critic of the Democrat governor, expressed her relief when she heard of Cuomo’s resignation.

“It wasn’t because Cuomo wanted to help New York that he chose to step down.  It’s because he had nowhere else to hide. The people around him were jumping off the sinking ship like rats. His campaign coffers were suddenly emptying and the people of New York were waking up,” Dean stated in her opinion piece on Fox News.

The former New York governor’s voluntary resignation is not an assurance that he will be punished for his lascivious crimes, in fact, it is Cuomo’s way of not getting unseated through the impeachment proceedings. However, this is a good start for the victims and also a welcome move for the people of New York and the lack of leadership that they are going through today.

“There’s still a journey ahead of us with many investigations that need to be completed.  And I think a few of them will ultimately lead to criminal charges against the governor,” Dean continued.

“But for today, there is justice.  And I am grateful to the angels who gave us strength and courage when we needed it most,” Dean added.

Andrew Cuomo is one of the most powerful political figures in America today and at one point, he was even thrusted to the forefront as a potential presidential candidate. The fight against this beast of a man will be an uphill battle for the victims, however, they should keep in mind what judge James said after she released the report: “No man – no matter how powerful – can be allowed to harass women or violate our human rights.”

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