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America Needs To Revamp Its Defense Strategy



This decade, the United States got off on a bad start with the COVID-19 pandemic that paralyzed our economy. However, a bigger threat to our sovereignty has emerged as soon as president Biden took the reins from Donald Trump. 

Sparked by the Democrat leader’s continuous debacles at home and abroad, our rivals from various directions have convinced themselves that America is weak. Their perception that we are not the same superpower that we were in our glory days, is just a consequence of our head of state’s embarrassing first-year in the White House. Add to that a dose of ineffectual top brass military men and the result is a United States that is vulnerable to future enemy attacks.

Faced with the threat of countries that are recently ramping up their war capabilities, America must prepare itself for the worst by updating its defense strategies to suit our present needs.

“The Pentagon has begun the process of developing a strategy to meet the congressional requirement for a National Defense Strategy (NDS) report in 2022. The defense strategy is likely to expand upon the 2018 strategy, which identified China and Russia as peer competitors and assigned highest priority to deterring adventurism on the part of both states,” Dov Zakheim, an expert in defense strategy who served under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, wrote in his opinion piece.

Although China and Russia don’t have any direct conflict with the United States, they have become more and more antagonistic towards our allies in the east and it is our duty to provide aid to our loyal friends in the region.

“China’s increasingly aggressive stance against Taiwan — notably, its recent four-day surge of nearly 150 combat aircraft into the island’s air defense identification zone, as well as the expansion of its conventional and strategic nuclear forces — underscores the ongoing need for maintaining a credible deterrent against Beijing,” Zakheim stated.

“Similarly, Russia’s continuing pressure on Ukraine, its ceaseless efforts to employ cyber to disrupt American political and economic activity, and its military modernization programs justify the priority that the 2022 NDS, like its immediate predecessor, is likely to assign to deterring Moscow’s aggressiveness,” Zakheim continued.

Our troubles do not start and end with the Chinese and the Russians, they are only the main players in the arena of geopolitical conflict. Our list of enemies include the Kim Jong-un led communist regime of North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is now ruled by hardline anti-American president Ebrahim Raisi. 

We must act swiftly and bolster our programs and strategies, as well as empower our allies around the globe by sharing more military knowledge and technological breakthroughs.

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