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African-Americans regret voting for Biden



In his recent speech at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, president Joe Biden boasted about the initiatives that he has put in place for the African-American community. In a bid to impress the people with his unrealistic plans, Biden promised that his administration will be “investing in Black families with Rescue checks and tax cuts that will reduce Black poverty by 34 percent, Black child poverty by more than 50 percent this year.”

The president also bragged about how the government prioritized Black people more during the pandemic.

“It’s likely you’ve all lost someone to the virus or know someone who has lost a loved one. One in six hundred Black Americans have died from COVID-19. It’s been reported that Black children are more than twice as likely as white children to have lost a parent or a caregiver to COVID-19, to have to experience the trauma and loss,” Biden said.

“Equity is the center of my administration’s COVID-19 response. The vaccination rates among Black adults is now essentially on par with white adults,” he added.

In reality however, the African-American community is not happy with how Democrats and the Biden administration are treating them. 

Kelvin King, a military veteran and Republican candidate gunning for the Georgia senate position, claims that his fellow Black Americans are feeling some remorse for putting Biden into power.

“I think what’s happening right now is that the American people who voted for Joe Biden, they’re waking up. They’re finally waking up and they’re experiencing a bit of buyer’s remorse especially in the Black community. The Democratic Party, they’ve taken the Black vote for granted for years,” King stated in an interview last week.

“Inflation is hitting everybody and their pocketbooks. And Black men- we want opportunity. Just like any other American, we want to be able to pursue our American dream and we don’t want handouts or special privileges,” King added.

Black voters and activists are also becoming more frustrated with the lack of progress on voter rights, which was an integral portion of Biden’s promises during the campaign.

“Everything that we’ve seen and heard from the administration tells us that it simply is not a priority for them, and they don’t think it’s important. They think that we’ll just be able to out organize [voter suppression], and they’re not willing to spend the political capital on getting it passed,” Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter, told The Hill.

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