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Afghanistan’s Rare Earth Minerals Are Attracting China



As the United States tries to end its presence in the war torn nation of Afghanistan, the Taliban has made swift advances and now has control over Kabul. In the wake of Biden’s mess in the region, the communists in Beijing are already trying to strengthen its ties with the Islamic extremists.

It is not surprising that Xi Jinping and his cohorts will target the conflict-ridden country as they got what China needs in order to satisfy the greed of its leaders. Mind you, Afghanistan is not only a source for poppy (the raw material for the narcotic drug opium), it also possesses a vast source of rare earths, which will be vital in empowering the Chinese empire.

United States Navy admiral James G. Stravidis detailed in his Nikkei Asia article, how the CCP will benefit from this venture with the Taliban, as soon as the United States has completed its pull-out from Afghanistan.

“China is clearly positioning itself to be a major international partner to the Taliban. They could care less about human or gender rights in Afghanistan, and will only want to consolidate a dominant position in regard to the $1-2 trillion worth of rare earths – most notably lithium,” Stavidis wrote.

“As China seeks to consolidate as much control as they can over strategic supply chains for everything from microchips to electric car batteries, they want primacy in Kabul – and will be the first major nation to recognize the new regime,” Stavidis continued.

Stavidis is also a prolific author and has published books such as The Accidental Admiral and the #1 best seller in Amazon’s “Literary Bibliography and Indexes” category, The Leader’s Bookshelf. Other titles include Sea Power: The History and Geopolitics of the World’s Oceans, Sailing true North: Ten Admirals and the Voyage of Character and 2034: A Novel of the Next World War, which was written with writer and ex-Marine Corps Elliot Ackerman.

In his Nikkei Asia opinion piece, Stavridis also mentioned Pakistan and Russia among the countries that will leech on Afghanistan, which will become so much easier without U.S. presence.

“Closely aligned with China internationally, they will seek to partner with the Chinese in exploiting the mineral wealth and blocking India from a role with the Taliban regime,” Stavridis stated.

“And while Putin is always happy to see the U.S. receive a black eye, the Russians are also hopeful that the Taliban can be encouraged to exert a higher level of control over the massive heroin production – much of which ends up in the arms of young Russians and other Europeans,” Stavridis added.

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