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600K Chinese Citizens Sought Asylum In Other Countries From 2012 To 2020



According to data obtained from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 600,000 Chinese citizens seeked asylum in other countries from 2012 to 2020. The statistics show a sharp increase of refugees from mainland China every year.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now limiting the issuance of passports to 335,000 in the first half of 2021, which only constitutes for 2 percent of their usual half-year quota. The oppressive regime claims that they are doing this for more stringent control due to the pandemic. However, a vast number of citizens believe that the CCP is simply trying to prevent people from escaping their tyrannical grip.

“They cut my passport and revoked it several years ago. Since then, it’s been harder and harder to apply for a new one,” a political observer in Shanghai named Chen Minghui said in an interview.

In an article on anti-CCP newspaper The Epoch Times, Washington-based reporter Nicole Hao provides further insight on the clandestine Chinese diaspora.

“In fact, people from all classes are trying to flee China and emigrate to other countries legally and illegally, such as the United States, Canada, European countries, Australia, and New Zealand,” Hao wrote.

“In September 2020, a leaked document that revealed some Chinese politicians, billionaires, and criminals had obtained Cypriot passports by investing more than $2 million in the country,” Hao continued.

“Since 2013, China has been one of the top origin countries of immigrants in the United States, according to the Migration Policy Institute. In 2019, 2.48 million Chinese legally immigrated to the United States, which made up 17.6 percent of total immigrants that year,” Hao added.

Ever since the communists started casting their long shadow in the region, even the people in Hong Kong have joined the mainlanders in the common desire to escape Xi Jinping’s despotic rule. The worsening human rights situation and lack of freedom in China is threatening the lives of the already-oppressed Chinese people and their need to seek sanctuary elsewhere is totally understandable.

“Not only mainland Chinese, but Hongkongers are now also trying to escape the Chinese regime’s totalitarian rule since Beijing implemented its national security law (NSL). Beijing officials passed the NSL on June 30 last year and have been arresting individuals on vague charges, with some dissidents already having received years-long prison sentences,” Hao stated.

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