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56 Republican Lawmakers Pressures Biden To Remove Kamala Harris From Her Immigration Role



It’s almost a hundred days since president Biden appointed vice president Kamala Harris to handle America’s border issues and so far all we got is a trip to Guatemala that bore no fruits at all. No visits to Texas, no initiatives, zero, nada, zilch. Perhaps Harris wants to go to Europe instead and use some taxpayer’s money to enjoy some rest and recreation on the side.

This is why recently, 56 House Republicans united to urge Biden to take Kamala out of her role and give it to someone more deserving. The VP’s inaction is causing the border crisis to worsen as the number of illegal immigrants is ballooning to unprecedented highs.

The lawmakers, led by Rep. Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin, crafted a letter that expressed their disappointment, while urging the president to remove Harris from the role that she has been neglecting.

“Despite being in the midst of a border crisis this country has not seen in two decades, Vice President Harris has not yet shown adequate interest in observing this crisis first-hand. In the 85 days since the Vice President has been tasked with solving this crisis, she has yet to visit the border and meet with Border Patrol agents, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and local law enforcement officials,” the lawmakers stated in the letter.

“The exclusive focus on Central American countries ignores the fact that we see many migrants attempting to illegally cross our southern border from countries all over the world, including Russia, Brazil, Cuba and Haiti. We are also aware of no dramatic changes in Central American countries over the last few months that would result in such a wide gap of encounters at the southern border compared to last year,” the letter continued.

“This country cannot afford another minute of inaction from Vice President Harris. While you have publicly defended the Vice President, even you must be discouraged with her inaction,” they added.

Along with Glenn Grothman, the GOP lawmakers who have attached their signatures to the letter were Mike Johnson, Jim Banks, James Comer, Kevin Brady, Brian Babin D.D.S., Andy Biggs, Yvette Herrell, Michael Cloud, Jody Hice, Doug Lamborn, Diana Harshbarger, Bob Good, Gregory F. Murphy, Tracey Mann, Markwayne Mullin, Ralph Norman, Bill Posey, Roger Williams, Paul A. Gossar D.D.S., Byron Donalds, David B. McKinley P.E., Andy Harris M.D., Lauren Boebert, Mike Gallagher, Madison Cawthorn, Jerry L. Carl, Lloyd Smucker, Doug LaMalfa, Andrew S. Clyde, Tom Rice, Scott Fitzgerald, Claudia Tenney, Tom McClintock, Louie Gohmert, Beth Van Duyne, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mo Brooks, Kat Cammack and Tom Tiffany.

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