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The 25 Most Affordable Places to Rent in the U.S.



Vintage train cars and locomotives rest on tracks in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Jonathan W. Cohen/Getty

1. Scranton, Pennsylvania

Share of household income spent on rent: 21.5%
One-year change in affordability: -4.6%
One-bedroom median rent: $899
Two-bedroom median rent: $975
One-year change in rent prices: 6.9%

The most affordable place to rent in the country is probably best known as the childhood home of President Joe Biden and the setting of the hit TV show The Office. But it has other charms: Once defined by its thriving coal industry, Scranton now has booming healthcare and manufacturing sectors and is pushing to revitalize its downtown with a mix of nightlife, small shops, and local restaurants.

NOTES: Data provided by Zillow; the only exception: rental prices for one- and two-bedroom apartments in Scranton, Pennsylvania came from Zumper, as Zillow did not have those figures available. Housing affordability, expressed as the percentage of typical income a household would spend on lodging costs, is as of January 2021, the most recent data available. The percentage change in affordability is from January 2020 to January 2021; a negative value indicates a spot has become easier to afford. Median cost for a one- and two-bedroom rental unit in each city is as of February 2021; the total price change for the entire rental market in each area is from March 2020 to February 2021.



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