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2024 Presidential Bombshell Has Donald Trump Stunned



The rising star of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has changed everything in the 2024 presidential election landscape. DeSantis now has the same odds as former President Trump to win the Republican nomination.

A large sporting website found that Trump and DeSantis “both have 4/1 odds to win be the Republican nominee in 2024 (20% implied probability), making them tied for the favorite position.”

A lot has changed in the past six months for Republicans. Governor DeSantis went from a fringe figure in the Republican Party to a superstar on the level of Donald Trump.

This gambling industry analyst Jay Sanin pointed out that “Trump recently suggested DeSantis would be a good running mate, which would be a wise move considering the Florida Governor is Trump’s biggest threat among the Republican party at the moment.”

A Trump/DeSantis figure could be a powerful one, but not all Republicans are on board yet. Trump will be 78 in 2024, and DeSantis brings a lot to the table.

DeSantis will only get more popular, and he lacks the baggage that Trump has. It’s very possible Republicans will go with DeSantis in 2024 as he is Donald Trump without the baggage and bulletin board material.

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