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1.8 Million Americans Refuse To Work, Thanks To $300 Weekly Unemployment Aid



The Democrats can deny it all they want but the numbers speak for the truth. Giving out free money even after a majority of the citizens have already been vaccinated is one of the main reasons America is having a hard time jumpstarting the economy. 

When the China virus invaded the United States, we had no choice but to impose strict lockdowns, even if it sacrificed the freedom to live our lives. To compensate for the loss of jobs due to the pandemic, the Biden administration mandated that Americans will be receiving $300 in unemployment support, an idea that is much appreciated by the financially struggling masses.

A year has passed and pharmaceutical companies have already invented and produced a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. More and more people are going back to partying, attending sports events and joining parades and demonstrations, but the economy, it seems, has remained the laggard that it was during the peak of the 2020 lockdowns.

Republicans have been insisting that the slow and painful recovery that our economy is experiencing is due to the unemployment that is caused by the people’s preference for federal aid, instead of going back to their jobs. The Democrats refused to believe this idea and kept on providing free cash to the people, while the GOP-led states decided that they won’t be accepting assistance anymore and will instead contribute to the economy by returning to the workforce.

Recently, a poll published by data intelligence company Morning Consult shows that about 1.8 million Americans have turned down jobs during the pandemic due to the comfort being derived from unemployment benefits.

John Leer, Morning Consult’s chief economist stated that most of the beneficiaries have the necessary qualifications to apply for jobs. In fact, some of them just needed to go back to work under their previous employers.

“These UI recipients possess the necessary skills and experience to be offered a job in the current economy and had some level of contact with prior employers or actively applied to positions at some point during the pandemic,” Leer stated.

“While health care concerns and childcare obligations are a barrier to many unemployed workers accepting jobs, these workers acknowledge that they would be employed in the absence of unemployment benefits,” Leer added.

Yesterday, Brad Polumbo of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) reminded the people how the unemployment aid was met with doubts early on. Unfortunately, the Biden administration decided to prolong the flow of financial support and it has affected business in America.

“Here at FEE, we predicted from the beginning of the pandemic that Congress’s decision to create an unemployment benefits system paying most individuals more on welfare than they earned by working would backfire. We weren’t the only ones. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office similarly cautioned that this move would cause unemployment and hurt the economy,“ Polumbo wrote in his article.

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